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Shelby's Drumming Showcase

Shelby's Drumming Showcase

There are some very talented people we support here at Inspire and last week we were privileged to experience Shelby's love of playing the drums.

Shelby, who is supported at our Forfar service, has been playing the drums for 20 years! She was first taught to play by her Granda when she was just 5-years-old, and she has very fond memories of this time, where her love of playing the pipe band drum began. She also joined her local pipe band in Brechin as a youngster and, as they say, the rest is history!

She practices lots of different songs every single day and has a special drum (seen in the pictures above and video below) as the normal pipe band drum is, as Shelby says, too loud to play inside all the time! Her staff might agree with that too!

After conversations with the staff at Forfar and Sarah, our Activities Coordinator, who was trying to find out more about the people we support, and what they enjoyed doing, Shelby's love of drumming came up. Sarah set up a drumming workshop activity on Zoom, so Shelby could show off her amazing skills, and share this with the people we support across Inspire. Not only were we entertained and completely in awe of her amazing skills, but Shelby even gave us a little lesson on some drum beats we could try out, which was great fun and everyone enjoyed it.

Shelby's staff said she was completely beaming when she finished the session, and that she loved playing, showing off her skills and being able to teach others some techniques.

Well done Shelby!

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