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Our Approach

Our Approach

We put the people we support at the heart of all we do. Together, we are Inspire.

Our Approach

At Inspire, we believe that the people we support should be at the heart of all that we do. This influences the way that we approach our work, both with individuals and how we operate as an organisation.

As an early pioneer of person-centred planning in the North East of Scotland, we recognise that we need to take time to understand each person as a unique individual. We work with the person and their family, friends and others who support them, to develop a plan. This approach recognises that each person has their own gifts, talents, routines, interests, needs and wishes – and most importantly - empowers the people we support to make life choices based on what is important to them.

We also recognise the need for people that we support to influence the way that we operate as an organisation. The Positive People Improvement Council meets regularly to discuss issues that matter to them which they then feedback to our Board. More information on the Positive People Improvement Council can be found below.

We provide a variety of services to people, individualised in line with their person-centred plan.

Positive People Improvement Council

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