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At Inspire we understand the importance of building lasting relationships with the family members of the people we support and involving them as far as practicable in the support of their loved one.

We work closely with individuals - and their family, friends and others who support them - to develop a person-centred support plan which recognises their interests, needs, wishes and talents and empowers them to make life choices based on what is important to them and their families.

We have over 30 years’ experience of supporting people with learning disabilities and complex support needs, including autism spectrum disorders, and understand the doubts and concerns that exist when a family member leaves home for the first time or changes provider.

We are subject to independent regulation from the Care Inspectorate and receive consistently high grades. This is, in part, due to our staff being well trained and supported to carry out their duties according to nationally accredited training programmes and social care regulation.

The people we support at Inspire always have choices regarding where they want to be, who they want to be with, and how they prefer to communicate with their family, for example regular visits home or using technology such as Skype to maintain contact where face-to-face meetings are problematic.

Our regular family questionnaire and Quality Assurance Audit both contact families directly for feedback and formal family engagement sessions take place across the areas we operate in, with less formal contact also readily available.

We communicate regularly with families, ensuring they are kept up-to-date with organisational developments, opportunities to support our work through fundraising or volunteering and details of activities and outings that are on offer to their family member.

For further information, or to discuss the provision of support for a family member please contact our nearest office (details below) or call 01224 280005.

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