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Recycle Week - Our Recycling Star Fiona

Recycle Week - Our Recycling Star Fiona

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This week is Recycle Week and at Inspire we are proud to have so many people we support who like to make a positive difference through recycling.

Fiona, who we support at one of our Aberdeen services, has been doing her recycling at home for a number of years now. She collects things that we use day to day around the home, like milk bottles/glass jars/cardboard to name a few, and puts these in a recycling bag in the kitchen. At the end of everyday Fiona will put on her high visibility jacket and a pair of gloves and pop the items into the appropriate bins outside.

Fiona enjoys helping staff out, being organised, having something to do to keep herself busy and most important of all she likes being able to make a positive difference to our planet.

Before lockdown, Fiona helped out at Inspire Head Office doing the recycling by making sure everything was going in the right bins! I am sure she would love to do this again when possible.

Are you interested in working with amazing people like Fiona and helping them make a positive difference to their planet and communities? Check out our vacancies page here.

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