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Activities Update - May Review

Activities Update - May Review


Our Saturday Night Discos, hosted by Garry, someone we support, are always a lively affair!

May has been an absolute blur! This month we added in a range of new activities for the people we support to get involved with including a drumming group, a game of Blind Date, internet safety courses and a dance competition. We have seen excellent uptake on all of these and with the Inspire...By shops reopen it has been great to welcome back all the people we support there to our activities but I like to always remind people that even if you don't receive support at the time of an activity you are always welcome to join.

Over the next few months, we are looking forward to being able to get out to services to start doing some face-to-face activities and adopt a more blended approach to how we deliver these added value events. We are beginning to organise with services so that we can provide meaningful day activities in service but also out and about to help people reconnect with their local communities and their facilities. I would like to say that we are taking a cautious approach with this though and will not have any mixing of services in person yet.

drumming screenshot

Our drumming session was so much fun!

Finally, I would like to touch on what has been, for me at least, the highlight of the year so far. I have found that in my time working for Inspire I have had some absolutely brilliant times but every so often something happens that you know will stick with you, Robin Hood: Cursed, the "Reach" video and now for me the Makaton Choir Performance. The Makaton Choir's performance on Zoom to their peers, staff at Inspire, Inspire's Leadership Team and Inspire's Board was the culmination of months of learning and rehearsing by the people we support and staff. The commitment people have shown to attending every Tuesday has been phenomenal and everyone that took part should be extra proud of how well they have done. Truly fantastic work and I can't wait until we can all one day meet up and have the choir perform in person.

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