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Trip to Yorkshire

Trip to Yorkshire

Stephen, Heather and Linda went on a trip to Yorkshire. They went on the trip with their Support Workers at Inspire.

On the first day, it didn’t get off to a great start. They had a toilet stop but ended up getting stuck in a lift at the Berryden Health Centre alongside some of the staff. They luckily manged to get out of the lift after some time.

On the way down, they all then stopped at the Meadowbank Inn for some breakfast before setting off again for Yorkshire. But during the journey, there was an accident on the road meaning that they had to take a detour which added some extra time to the journey. They finally arrived in Yorkshire, made it to the hotel and had some dinner and a well-deserved sleep.

The next day everyone was up early for breakfast and then set off to see the Yorkshire countryside where ‘The Last of the Summer Wine’ was filmed. The group also had a walk around the village.

On the third day the group went to the Emmerdale set to have some lunch and meet the cast. While they were there, it was Judith’s birthday. One of the cast members from Emmerdale kindly brought out some cupcakes with candles on them while everyone else sang happy birthday to her.

On the final day they had a look round the local shops and spent the day relaxing before the long journey home the next day. Everyone had a good time on the trip!

Yorkshire trip

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