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Inspire statement in response to move to Phase 1 of easing lockdown restrictions

I’m writing to all relatives of the people we support regarding the publication of the Scottish Government’s Route Map out of the current coronavirus crisis, the decision-making framework within and Inspire’s management of this process.

I understand that this continues to be a worrying time for us all and I want to reassure you that at Inspire, providing a safe environment for the people we support and our workforce remains our number one priority.

Many of the people we support, and indeed some of our colleagues, are in high risk groups and we therefore have a greater duty than most to take all appropriate precautions to protect people’s well-being and continue to work to reduce the potential spread of the virus in our services.

The Scottish Government’s announcement that as of Friday (29th May) the nation can begin to transition from the current lockdown restrictions requires cautious and considered management in relation to the people we support and our staff. In respect of our services, we remain conscious that contracting coronavirus within a care setting has had a devastating impact on those supported by other organisations and we therefore need to continue to do our utmost to protect those most vulnerable.

Whilst we welcome the Government’s relaxation of restrictions we are carefully considering in collaboration with our funders, regulators, sector colleagues and representatives how we transition from lockdown in order to ensure that the safety of our ongoing practice is maintained.

In recognition of the associated risks for people we support and our staff, in relation to Phase 1 of the Scottish Government’s Route Map we have taken the decision to consider the facilitation of a person we support and staff member meeting with a relative from another household. Our current position is that we will support a meeting in an outdoor public place, such as a park, only where a robust individual and service risk assessment has been carried out and concluded this is a safe course of action. Having given full consideration to the associated risks we will only facilitate the meeting of a person we support and a staff member within a relative’s private garden by exception, where the meeting, for a compelling reason, cannot be undertaken in a public place. In so doing we continue to work to ensure that we reduce all coronavirus associated risks to the lowest possible level.

We will prioritise risk assessing contact for those most impacted by the current lockdown measures. This will enable us to manage our response to the transition, whilst ensuring we continue to do our utmost to protect and ensure the safety of the people we support and our staff.

We are maintaining a watching brief in relation to the spread of the virus in Scotland and will continue to work responsibly through all transitions in order to mitigate the risks for everyone.

If you have any queries regarding this matter at this time then please address them to in the first instance to ensure a prompt and appropriate response.

We appreciate your continued co-operation and support at this unprecedented time.

Yours sincerely,

Linda Gray

Chief Executive

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