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George's Career Story

George's Career Story

George's Career

A career in Social Care is varied and rewarding, as well as being a path on which you can embark with no formal qualifications and work your way to the top like George McCulloch, Director of Operations at Inspire.

George’s first steps into the care sector came when he took on the role of Nursing Assistant in a Glasgow hospital as a 17 year old in need of a summer job to save for University. He kept this job part-time whilst at University but soon decided that further education was not for him and left without gaining any qualifications.

George then became a ‘Personal Assistant’ to an individual with disabilities and stayed in this role for a few years before moving to Aberdeen and taking a job as a Care Assistant in a unit for homeless, elderly people. After three years he was promoted to Deputy Officer in charge of the unit and stayed there for a further four years.

After successfully applying for a Project Manager position with Inspire (then Partnership Housing) George moved up the ranks over the next twelve years before becoming Director of Operations in 2014.

Throughout his career with Inspire, George has always had a keen interest in training and development; after completing his own SVQs he became an internal trainer and verifier and regularly facilitated Person Centred Planning events. George’s story proves that the opportunity to have a successful career in the care sector definitely exists for those who pursue it.

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