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Emma's Career Story

Emma's Career Story

Emma's Story

Emma at work

The lovely Emma Slesser joined Inspire as a Relief Support Worker in 2019 and since then she has never looked back!

Emma chose to pursue a career with Inspire to develop her skills in the Care Sector before becoming a Social Worker, after she has graduated from University where she is currently studying. The flexibility available at Inspire ensures that she can work alongside her important studies and exams.

When recalling her first few days at Inspire, Emma remembers feeling daunted as she had no previous experience with Support Work. These feelings however soon eased as she found that following her training, her new colleagues were incredibly supportive and were always at hand to answer any questions she had.

A few years down the line, Emma now gets a great deal of pride from working with Inspire and finds her work really rewarding. She said:

"You can see the difference you are making in someone's life, even by doing really simple things like supporting them to cook and clean their homes"

Inspire has five company values at its core and Emma personally feels that the value of ‘empowerment’ is particularly important for her as a Support Worker. She added:

"The people we support will face challenges in their lives and as a Support Worker, we can provide them with the necessary tools to empower them to undertake these For example, you might attend health appointments with the person you support to help them have a clearer understanding and enable them to make decisions on their health."

When asked what advice Emma would give to someone thinking of starting a career in Support Work, she said:

"I understand that starting a new career can be daunting, but dont worry, most of us have been there. Inspire provides you with all the support and training that you will need to allow you to start your career. We are all approachable and friendly people that will be happy to discuss any questions that you might have"

If you are considering a career in Support Work, then please visit our vacancies page for all of the job opportunities that we currently have.