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Activities Update

Activities Update

Chris Simpson

Chris Simpson, our Senior Volunteer & Activities Coordinator

Hi everyone,

I am really excited to write the first of what will be a series of blog pieces that we will put out each month reflecting on the virtual activities we have been doing at Inspire and giving me an opportunity to update you all on what we are hoping to do in the coming weeks and months.


Our Makaton choir is a big hit with the people we support!

It has been very exciting to welcome Sarah Farquhar into the Development Team this year and as part of the new mini subsection of our little "Activities Team". After several years of organising, researching and running events mostly by myself (Andrew Reid and Stuart Martin have helped lots during this period) it is a breath of fresh air to have someone else to help me. Not only to assist with the Inspire-wide activities but to bring a sharper focus onto those services that need a more tailored approach to their virtual involvement.

When I look back to last summer when we started up the virtual activities programme it really is quite something to see where we are at now. Over the past year I have had sessions where we have had Zoom at literally full capacity and I have also had absolute flops where nobody has shown up at all. I am very pleased to say though that we now consistently have dozens of people taking part in activity sessions every weekday. For so many people we support, having a routine again has been so positive and I am glad that Inspire has been able to provide that for them.

The last thing I will touch on today comes from a conversation I had with a colleague after a long overdue catch-up. We obviously had talked about how we were getting on with our respective roles within Inspire and how home life had been treating us and I had mentioned how I feel so fortunate to be in the position I am in.

online activity

The reason why is, that unlike most people, I get to interact with people we support from all over the organisation on a daily basis. Back when the offices were open it was not uncommon at all to have people we support visiting for some reason or another almost daily and I know, therefore, that a lot of the organisational support teams are missing that contact. I am fortunate that in the past year I have been able to make so many more connections with people we support, and it has been great getting to know people more and obviously it's especially nice to still be able to see all the people I used to support at Holland Street very regularly on Zoom.

Thank you for taking the time to read and hopefully see you at a Zoom session soon.

Chris Simpson, Senior Volunteer & Activities Coordinator

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