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Activities Blog - September Review

Activities Blog - September Review


I am in a very fortunate position in my role as Activities Coordinator to have been able recently to get out and about to meet some of the people we support in person, and encourage them to get involved with a wide range of activities.

This has been both fun and hugely rewarding. I have always been in awe of the amazing support staff we have at Inspire, but seeing them working first hand, both inside and outside of the services, has really made me appreciate their dedication and skills even more, and has given me an even greater understanding of the extent of what they do day in day out, and at times, in very challenging circumstances.

I have recently been spending some time with the staff and people we support at Arduthie in Stonehaven. The last time I was there it was a lovely day, so we went for a walk to Dunnottar Castle, where the guys enjoyed their packed lunch overlooking the castle. I went out with Chris, Steven and Andrew and two support staff. Going for a walk might seem like quite a simple thing to most of us! But this walking route, and the many others they go on, had been very well planned by the staff, so the guys can still enjoy the surrounding countryside, take in the sights and sounds, but be kept safe too. Simple things like stopping on the approach to junctions, crossing roads, recycling bins and other potential hazards on the pavements, and busy streets all have to be considered. But despite all of this, we all had a great walk, counting cows in the fields, spotting the helicopter flying overhead, taking in the sights and enjoying lunch.

I also had a great afternoon being shown round our service at Sycamore Way, in Banchory, recently and meeting everyone there. The plan had been to see and have a games session with the amazing outdoor games that had been purchased with funding. Sadly the weather was not on our side, but I enjoyed a fab tour of the house and garden thanks to Linda and Margaret, before we all enjoyed a couple of games of Bingo and Play Your Cards Right. Everyone then sat down and we had a good chat about things they love to do.

Finally, Gary D from Union Street loves dogs, always having had one in the family. He would really like to have his own dog one day, but in the meantime he is keen to meet up for dog walks and we are looking at possible voluntary activities that Gary could get involved with too. Being a massive dog lover, and owner of four dogs, I was more than happy to help out. I took my oldest dog Roxy with me to meet Gary at the Duthie Park recently. We had a lovely morning. He got Roxy to sit, give him a paw, as well as practicing a fab recall - a very important dog owning skill to have - and a couple of other tricks. Roxy loved all the extra attention and the treats that Gary gave her for being a good girl.

If you have someone we support who would like to get involved with something a little different, or a session not already being offered via our daily programme, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me at

Are you interested in working with amazing people and helping them live their lives to the fullest? Check out our vacancies page here.

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