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Activities Blog - October Review

Activities Blog - October Review


In October we have had a wide variety of new activities on offer for the people we support and this has resulted in some interesting outcomes such as a bunch of us dancing around our rooms with teddy bears as our partners for Scottish Country Dancing. As always we are taking on feedback from people we support and staff to try and expand our programme and would encourage anyone who has an idea to email me to see what we can get arranged.

I will admit that I had thought that when things started to reopen that we would see a drop off in the amount of people we support attending the online activities on offer but that has not happened at all which has reinforced our view that these online activities provide a fantastic opportunity for the people we support to do meaningful things during the day and create/maintain friendships across the region. Also, with the darker nights drawing in it is great to know that the people we support will always have some sort of activity that they can take part in, even if they don't want to leave their home.

Lastly, I could not write a blog for October and not mention Sparkles! It was a fantastic evening and seeing all the effort that went into each service's party was great. It was clear that support staff had made sure that it was an event not just an online disco. Obviously it can't touch an in-person Sparkles but until we are able to do that again this was definitely a fun alternative.

Afterwards I visited some of the services to drop off prizes for best fancy dress and dancing from the virtual event. This was great for me personally because although I get to see people online every day it just doesn't get better than interacting face to face with people we support and getting to see people I used to support one to one made my month.

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