Bobby’s story

Bobby’s story



Bobby has been supported by Inspire to move on from group living to his own tenancy, and he also has a part time job. Bobby runs and goes to the gym with natural support rather than paid staff support, as well as fundraising for and volunteering with Inspire as Inspire's postman and also at events.

Bobby is an avid fundraiser and takes part in the annual Baker Hughes 10k event as part of team Inspire, running every year and raising money.  Bobby is always keen to "be the best" and regularly aims to be the teams number one fundraiser, something he is always keen to tell the other members of the team!

With regards volunteering, Bobby is always keen to get involved wherever he can, and has been Inspire's postman for many years, as well as on an ad hoc basis at fundraising events including the annual Firewalk, Torchers Parade and in house events, where he has represented Inspire at various functions, including meeting new members of staff to explain what a learning disability is.

Bobby's achievements were proven and acknowledged in 2012 when he was given the prestigious honour of being an Olympic torch bearer, carrying the flame through Dinnet in recognition of his achievements with Inspire.



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